I’m writing a quick piece here as my first blog on the new Vibesolate website to reflect; a brief over-view of my thoughts.

As it stands today 4 Million people have been recorded to have contracted COVID-19 and at least 280,000 have died. None of us living in todays world have experienced anything like this and it is affecting many people in different ways. My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone negatively impacted by the changes in the world. I started Vibesolate FM as a passion project, something to help keep my mind occupied during these un-settling times, and as a way of staying connected with people all over the world, some who I have known for years, others who I haven’t met yet.

I hope that Vibesolate can provide something positive, and so far I have enjoyed the process of putting it together and am grateful to everyone who has helped on the project, submitted music and blogs, helped with the tech side of things, and been there to support and discuss the concept of what Vibesolate FM is and what it could become.

In particular I would like to thank Amanda Kingston, Charles Darbyshire, Samira El Henawy, Len Gordon, Oska Zapete-Keene, Theo & Raffy Stephenson, Adam Davey, Reece Selvadorai, Matt Smyth, Che Claxton, Jonie Doe, Sipho Twani, Alice Lund, Darren Desscan, Peaches Valentine, Bex Education, Daniel Lee Harvey, Curtis Blanc, Declan Allen, Raimonda Jan, Akin from Blue Coded, Daniel Compton, Jake Kelly, and all of the DJ’s who have shown and interest in the project and submitted the first wave of shows.

I look forward to seeing what we can achieve, and would love to hear from anyone who would like to be involved.

You can email us at