Arts and Crafts

Following on from our previous post Feel Good Fashion

Generally speaking, we have seen four types of content from the fashion industry to accompany Instagram’s #StayHome tag:

3. Arts and Crafts

Something which has been more apparent within luxury fashion is a focus on protecting creativity and craftmanship during isolation, which has taken the shape of art projects, collaborations, inspirational podcasts and ‘behind-the-scenes’ access to the designers and their genius.

In the last few weeks we have seen the emergence of art competitions like #McQueenCreators, a series of weekly projects including sketching iconic designs or life-drawing, alongside Lacoste’s #CrocoDraw challenge (so named as it requires recreating the icon by drawing or crafting), and Kenzo’s Wednesday Workshops.

Tuning into the practices of mindfulness, Manolo Blanik has invited fans to download his sketches for colouring, an excellent practice for focusing the mind. The sharing of archival footage and unseen imagery has been adopted by the likes of Versace, Gucci and Balmain with the intention of instilling positivity and inspiring online communities whilst they are confined to their homes and lacking creative stimulation.

These small acts on social media can have a huge impact by allowing audiences to feel part of a like-minded community, and the intimate conversation through channels like Dior Talks or Miu Miu Musings replicate the connections we would normally form through daily social interaction. Outside of high fashion, the promotion of creativity has more commonly been in the form of DIY fashion tutorials which encourage upcycling old clothes, such as through tie-dying or embroidery.

This is unsurprising as people are generally more open to modification with lower cost items, and has the added bonus of increasing the lifecycle of fast fashion items. Not only is it a confidence boost to gain or improve a skill, the strategy of art therapy has been very useful in cases when verbal communication of experience has proved challenging or confusing – something widely applicable in current times.