Heart On Fire

Lyndsi Austin is a singer/songwriter/producer based in Los Angeles. She is also the singer for dirty-beach pop/rock band Tidal Babes. Lyndsi relocated to California from Salt Lake City, Utah in 2016, and has since been making a name for herself as a performer as well as a studio singer and…

Passions and Pitfalls

We are delighted to announce a new show on Vibesolate FM starting from 1st June 2020 Hosted by Babes only founder EvieTheCool, playing the freshest new music, hidden gems, and discussing the passions and pitfalls of working in the fast-changing creative sector in 2020. EvieTheCool began her DJ career in…

Domestic DJs

The live-streaming of DJs, singers and musicians at home has been one of the most widely used features across fashion brands, filling a void where social gatherings, festivals and club nights used to be. The choice of genre and star has been carefully considered to be in keeping with brand image and target audience, and on the whole the tracks have been up-beat showing a real sensitivity to public mood and the power of music to change it.


I hope that this site can provide something positive, and so far I have enjoyed the process of putting it together and am grateful to everyone who has helped on the project, submitted music and blogs, helped with the tech side of things, and been there to support and discuss the concept of what Vibesolate FM is and what it could become.