Aura began dj’ing at the age of 14 mixing hardcore and jungle in his bedroom. Like most new dj’s he aspired to be like the greats in his field. Early influences included the Prodigy, Altern 8, Shades of Rhythm and DJ Slipmatt, Sy, Randall and Hype.

He also had a love for hip hop and breaks music, being drawn to the culture and the sound that went with it. Being stuck in a remote countryside village seeing artists was difficult (if you didn’t drive) so in 1998 Aura along side hard house Dj M-James started their own mini rave in a 250 capacity club. They mixed hardcore, house, trance and jungle on the same night to try and give a unique rave experience to those who couldn’t reach the big events.The nights attracted a lot of industry attention from record shop owners, producers and magazine editors.

Aura then started a new event in Brighton with production partner and friend Deepcutt aka Robin Walden around 2002 focusing on his love for drum and bass. The nights were a great success and all involved worked very hard trying to achieve a vibe through good music. Production was beginning to factor as part of his artistic development, with
mentors such as Pascal and Zinc (True Playaz) helping with tips and promotion. Around the same time one of Aura’s early jungle tracks “Ah Right” was subject to review and the weekly playlist on 1xtra. L Double (Flex) also used this in his promo video for the 1xtra Ibiza tour.

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