Daniel Lee Harvey’s knowledge and thirst for music exceeds way past his years. The expression ”old soul” comes to mind. His passion first started at the age of 15 when he first inquired to join up to a local community radio station. After submitting a demo, he was offered a slot that would fit in between his transition of going into college to study media production. As the years went on, he worked and collaborated alongside respected promoters and DJ’s whom helped shape his tastes today.
Daniel is a passionate supporter and advocate of the local music scene. His main focus is to ensure that young people remain open to multiple genres of music, understanding their impact, history and influence on future movements.
For the past decade, Daniel has wrapped himself around community and youth engagement, journalism, mental health and music education and continues to remain pretty much on the pulse. Daniel regularly DJ’s, hosts and promotes showcases from local to national/international acts. From Funk, Boogie, Jazz, Hip Hop, House, Reggae, Afrobeat to Latin Breaks, you can expect anything and everything but I guarantee you that you will enjoy and equally share his passion for sharing good music.

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