Master Mind Jammers are a musical duo consisting of Musa Dhlamini also known as BigBeef and Silas Sebogo also known as Broaadax they reside in Johannesburg, Gauteng. Their musical journey started in 2008, since Broaadax bought CDJs (Numark mix deck) and from that day The Master Mind Jammers were born. There was no sleeping, with sessions upon sessions, and from that they got their BIG BREAK and played at Kospotong in Johannesburg, and soon after many other places followed. Master Mind Jammers are currently resident Djs @ Ruckus Radio based in the United States & E45 Radio Based in Italy. With ambitions to play alongside side some of the biggest names in the industry at Burning man and Tomorrowland, the Master Mind Jammers make sure that every mix done is one to be REMEMBERED. The Master Mind Jammers believe that music is food for the Soul, so every mix and song we make is to enrich and bless ones musical palate.

It’s not just about Good music it’s about understanding it

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    These are my boys🔥❤️👏🏽 Make me proud

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